April 13-17, 2022

Perry, GA!

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This is a community forum for sharing information between handers, exhibitors and cluster volunteers during the Peach Blossom Cluster Dog shows, April 13 -17, 2022.

Examples of things that can be shared on this page include:

What building is ring 8 in?
Where are the dog baths?
Good/Bad experience at a local restaurant?
Need a ride for a dog to or from cluster?
Need to borrow something?
Need help covering a dog?
Are you available to help cover dogs or fill in as a steward?
What classes are they on in agility?
Anyone have the number of a good, local RV repairman?
Is anyone at the show doing progesterone testing?
I'm in an RV, if anyone is going to WalMart today can I ride along?
Where are the health clinics?